Summer 2022 Vol. 17 - Issue 1   
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The Road Toward Recovery: A Story of Leadership and Community
– Corey D. Fogleman, MD, FAAFP

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Mothers with Fetal Demise: Two Cases of SARS-CoV-2 Infection with Associated Placental Pathology
– Avery Briguglio; Miguel Leandro Rufail, MD, PhD; Bruce E. King, MD; Christina Colette Pierre, PhD; Michael D. Feldman, MD, PhD; and Kathleen T. Montone, MD
Pathologic findings in this report of two cases of second trimester fetal demise in SARS-CoV-2 infected mothers reveal placental changes characterized by extensive diffuse fibrin deposition and widespread associated villous infarction. Discussion includes the potential association of immune-complex-mediated deposition with COVID-19.
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This article discusses why clinicians need to be aware of the forms of emergency contraception, and discusses the indications for use and how to incorporate emergency contraception into their practices.
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Two Cases of Syncope in Children
– Garett Tesman, MD; Kyle Lau, MD; and Emmanuelle Favilla, MD
Syncope is a common problem in children presenting to emergency departments. This case review focuses on the pathophysiology and management of electrical and structural etiologies of cardiac syncope. The incidence of these syndromes is also considered.
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– Joette C. Hughes, MSN, CRNP, CLS
Citing recent guidelines and retrospective data related to a lower threshold for what is considered at-risk triglyceride levels, this update looks at the causes and treatment options for patients with hypertriglycerides, and the effect of lifestyle modification.
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Photo Quiz from Urgent Care: A Teen with Neck and Chest Pain
– Nicholas Lazorka, PA-C
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Spotlight on Clinical Research
– Heather Madara, and Roy S. Small, MD
This Spotlight focuses on investigations of the safety of knee system implants, the efficacy of autonomic regulation therapy to reduce progression of heart failure, and the effect of breath training on the six-minute walk test.
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Choosing Wisely XXXVII & Top Tips
– Alan S. Peterson, MD
The Choosing Wisely section covers recommendations about cardiac imaging, and from the American Urogynecologic Society. The Top Tips section overviews updated pneumococcal vaccine recommendations, new clinical guidelines on diverticulitis, and more.
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