Issue: WINTER 2017 Vol. 12 - Issue 4
From the Editor's Desk
Who Speaks for Physicians? We All Do. Each One of Us.
– Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D., FACS, FACC
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Case Records from Lancaster General Hospital    
  A Woman with Chest Pain, Dyspnea, and a Thoracic Mass    
  Lee M. Duke, M.D., MBA, John Briguglio, M.D., and Susan M. Bator, M.D.    
  This new department in the Journal provides a case study with insights into the history, radiology, pathology, and management of an uncommon thoracic problem.    
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  – Scott Conley, M.D.    
  This is a warm, humane, and very personal recounting of one physician’s experience with a single patient Pearl. His reflections on this experience have much to teach us about what it means to be an empathetic physician.     
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  Firearm Violence: A Local, State, and National Scourge    
  – Chet A. Morrison, M.D., FACS, FCCM    
  Behind the daily sensational headlines about gun violence in America lie important scientific data that help us understand the scope of the problem – both nationally and locally – and the approaches that might alleviate it.    
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Top Tips from Family Practice
Choosing Wisely XXII: Recommendations from the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine, American Podiatric Medical Association, American Chiropractic Association
– Alan S. Peterson, M.D.
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  Scientific Reports
   Cardio-Oncology: An Integrated Discipline or Just a Portmanteau?
  – Amit Varma, M.D., PhD, FACC
  The growing number of chemotherapeutic agents exposes more patients to their potential for cardiotoxicity. Coronary artery disease is now second only to cancer recurrence as a cause of death in cancer survivors. This extraordinarily authoritative review by our own expert in the field, provides both a comprehensive overview and an in-depth analysis of the cardiac effects of all the major chemotherapeutic drugs. It is a resource to be studied, and saved, by anyone with cancer patients.
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