Issue: FALL 2018 Vol. 13 - Issue 3
From the Editor's Desk
The Grim History of Sugar
– Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D., FACS, FACC
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Scientific Reports 
Does a Spoonful of Sugar Help (More) Medicine Go Down?
– Christopher Wenger, DO, FACC, CLS
Sugar is not as innocuous as once thought, and it plays a formidable role in cardiovascular disease as well as obesity and its metabolic constituents. This informative article reviews the problems posed by the different sugars in food, with a focus on sugar-sweetened beverages.
Medical Scribes and Stress/Burnout Among Physicians
– Allen W. Cubell, MBA
Physician stress and dissatisfaction have been linked to the demands of Electronic Health Records. This article reviews the problem and describes a successful pilot program at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health to lighten clinicians' loads by using medical scribes.
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The Challenge of Durability in Hip Replacement
– Gregory A. Tocks, D.O.

Long-term survivors of hip replacement often need a revision, so durability of prostheses, particularly at the bearing surfaces, is crucial. This article provides an outline of the common prosthetic bearing surfaces for total hip replacement, their comparative wear characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.
How Does Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care Practices Affect the Utilization of Services?
– Tracey Lavallias, DBA, MBA, M.Ed.

Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) integrates the skills and expertise of behavioral health providers into the primary care setting. A study of the effect of PCBH on utilization of services at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health found that patients who received PCBH had fewer ED and professional visits.
Top Tips from Family Practice
Choosing Wisely XXV: Recommendations from American Academy of Nursing (AAN), American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Orthopaedics, Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA), and American Society for Apheresis (ASFA)
– Alan S. Peterson, M.D.
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