Issue: Winter 2011 Vol. 6 - Issue 4
Scientific Reports
Making the Choice for Change: Thoughts on Integrative Medicine
– Jennifer Kegel, M.D. and Daleela Dodge, M.D.
The second article in this series offers personal perspectives based on the author's personal and clinical experiences with cancer patients, and how Integrative Medicine enhances their care. The relevant literature is also thoroughtly reviewed.
Blood Transfusion: Friend or Foe
– Susan M. Bator, M.D.
A highly informative and detailed overview of the benefits, risks, and current practices of blood transfusion, and the experience at LGH. 
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– Yuri Anna Lee and Lisa A. Ruth-Sahd, RN, D.ed. CEN, CCRN
This description of the Amish use of Burdock leaves as a topical healing agent, with an illustrative case, is fascinating for any reader; and of particular interest to physicians practicing in our area.
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Digital Pathology 101
– Charles F. Romberger, M.D.
The digital revolution is just beginning to affect pathology, but it will become a tidal wave once storage capacity rises to the level needed by the technology.
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From the Editor’s Desk
Will Health Care Reform Remain Stymied by Ideology, or Will Progress occur at the Local Level Because the Status Quo is Untenable?
– Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C.
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Medico-Legal Matters
Pennsylvania Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST): Taking Patient Autonomy to the Next Level
– Margaret F. Costella, Esq.
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Top Tips from Family Practice
It's Time to Mandate Influenza Vaccination in Healthcare Workers
– Alan S. Peterson, M.D.
Followed by comments by Christopher M. O'Connor, Esq.
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