Issue: Fall 2012 Vol. 7 - Issue 3
Scientific Reports
Preventing Prematurity: One Woman at a Time
–Stephen Ratcliffe, M.D., MSPH; Angela Gambler, MBA; Megan Gross, MPH, RN; Michael Horst, PhD, MPHS, MS; Thomas Raff, M.D.
The incidence of prematurity is rising in the U.S., affecting an estimated 12% of babies. LGH leads a regional consortium of FM residencies committed to reducing the incidence of prematurity in its practices.
What Is the Biochemical Answer to the Riddle of Obesity?
– Scott Deron, D.O., FACC, FSCAI
Obesity is not simply caused by over-eating and under-exercising. It is a disorder of fat regulation and accumulation in which sugar and insulin play a dominant role by affecting the movement of fats across the cell membranes of adipocytes.
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– Corey D. Fogleman, M.D.
Acupuncture is an increasingly popular complement to allopathic medicine. How does it work and what is its proper role? Is it often just a placebo, and if so, does that vitiate its usefulness? This is a reasoned discussion of a controversial subject.
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And This, Too, Has ALREADY Changed in Nursing
– Lisa A. Ruth-Sahd, DED, RN, CEN, CCRN and Cheryl J. Grab, MSN, RN
This article provides a review of the dramatic changes and educational challenges in nursing education in the 21st century in light of the changes in medical education.
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How's That Again? Good and Bad Medical Writing and the Dizzy Awards
–Lawrence I Bonchek, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.S.
Mangled syntax and grammar are ubiquitous in medical writing. The title of this (hopefully) amusing review honors legendary NL pitching star Dizzy Dean (30-7 in 1934), famous also as a commentator who broke new ground with amusing distortions of the English language.
From the Editor’s Desk
A Modest Proposal for Healthcare Reform
– Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C.
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Top Tips from Family Practice
Choosing Wisely
– Alan S. Peterson, M.D.
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