Issue: SPRING 2017 Vol. 12 - Issue 1
From the Editor's Desk
Premedical Education, Tradition, and the Humanities
– Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D., FACS, FACC
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Top Tips from Family Practice
Choosing Wisely XIX: Recommendations from American Academy of Pediatrics, Society of Cardiovascular CT, Society of Nuclear Medicine
– Alan S. Peterson, M.D.
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Scientific Reports 
Update on Acute Stroke Management
– Murray Flaster, M.D., Ph.D.
Management of acute stroke can have an enormously beneficial impact on a stroke’s consequences, if specific protocols are initiated rapidly by skilled specialists in a prepared environment. Our stroke medical director provides an update and review of the current state of the art.
Zombie Infections and Other Infectious Disease Complications of Global Warming
– Joseph M. Kontra, M.D.
Global warming has many important consequences for public health, but this article describes risks that few will have thought of. Melting permafrost exposes dead corpses of animals and humans that died of virulent communicable diseases. Climate change also widens the range of disease vectors and invigorates the pathogens they carry.
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Autologous Breast Reconstruction Following Breast Cancer
– Joseph M. Serletti, M.D., FACS, Martin J. Carney, B.S., Jason M. Weissler, M.D., David S. Warsaw, D.O., MBA
The preferred method of breast reconstruction after mastectomy for cancer uses an autologous, transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous (TRAM) flap. The standard flap is pedicled, but the Penn Division of Plastic Surgery describes here their extensive experience with free TRAM flaps vascularized by anastomosis to the internal mammary artery.
Chinese and American Premedical Education: Are They Really So Different?
– Christopher Magoon, B.S.
In this perspective from the front lines, a Penn medical student offers suggestions for changes he’d like to see in the course requirements for admission to medical school. This subject is also the topic of this issue’s Editor’s column.
Global Health: The View from Malawi
– Thomas J. Gates, M.D., FAAFP
This article by a once and future LGH medical staff member offers a firsthand account of his experiences providing health care in Malawi, a Sub-Saharan country that offers unique challenges and rewards to Western physicians working there.