Summer 2014 - Vol. 9, No. 2

Letter to the Editor 


To the Editor,


I found the opening editorial in the Spring JLGH refreshing, so I thought I would take a minute to tell you so. I share your cautious optimism about the ACA, and I know this is at times an unpopular stance to take. The editorial did a great job of balancing optimism with the reality of the uphill struggle it will be to see significant change in the health care delivery system in our country, toward an eventual goal of high-quality care delivered equitably.


I was in the LGH residency from 2005-08 and then spent 3 years in practice with LGH's Strasburg practice. I now practice with Kaiser Permanente in the Denver-Boulder area. My years in the LGH system were so valuable and I look forward to reading the journal each quarter, written each time by many of the physicians who have shaped my career. Thank you for continuing to contribute to my development as a physician.


Suzanne Parsons, M.D.